Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog from Lufthansa Flight 3198 6-9-09

I just ate, probably, the best in-flight meal I've ever had. The choice was chicken or pasta so I was thinking chicken over a rice pilaf or a penne-type pasta with marinara or bolognese sauce; I chose the pasta. The pasta ended up being an Asian style noodle dish, and the chicken was over linguini with red sauce. Seeing that my pasta was actually noodles, I asked for the white wine to go with it. This ended up being a great choice. I am almost certain the white was a kabinet riesling. The nose had a nice green apple and orange/lemon zest aroma with the slightest hint of petrol. It was well balanced on the palate and had a fresh sweetness; the apple came through from the nose as well. This was the best in-flight wine I've ever had as well, and paired perfectly with the main course. Then there was a small vegetable side with green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and goat cheese which was good. A wedge of camembert and a piece of cake finished off the meal with a cup of coffee. Camembert is, of course, very tasty, and the cake had cherries and, I think, plums on top. The cake was good even for me who doesn't really like desserts. The coffee was delicious, too. I tasted like an African/South American blend to me.

Overall, this Lufthansa flight has been fantastic. The seats are comfortable, the food is good, and they even serve good beer (Warsteiner, of which I'm a fan) which can be expected of a German company ;-)

Also, I'll post something about Venice soon.

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