Friday, February 27, 2009

Thinking about ...

Several weeks ago, I was talking with some friends, and somewhere in the conversation I mentioned that I thought about stuff a lot. When one friend asked me what I thought about, I kind of stumbled through an answer for her because, honestly, I hadn't thought much about what I think about. And, the content of what I think about is rather diverse.

So, I'm going to conduct a quick, little experiment. I'm going to write down everything I think about for the next several minutes. Here we go...

This is going to be an easy night at work. I have a lot of calculus home work to do. I'm lazy and don't want to do it. Plus, I don't understand it. Am I approaching the limit of my mathematical abilities? I hope not because, all things considered, this isn't all that difficult. Why do I have so many windows and tabs open on my screen? Emily asked me to meet with some Mormons with her. Apparently, I know something? I don't really know anything...about anything. That's about all I learned in college. What am I going to do after college? I'm lost if I don't get into med school. Maybe I'll go to Europe and not come back... I could work at a vineyard in France. That would be fun. I could learn French and drink great wine... But, what would I do with all my stuff? I can't keep it, and I'm too lazy to sell all of it. SOCCER!!! Don't know if we're going to actually play on Sunday with it projected to being in the low 30s, but I'm still going to try. Evan will play, and Paul. Why don't more Christians read the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and the church fathers? How can you really understand the Jewish ideology surrounding and throughout the NT without a proper understanding of the cultural milieu of that time? There was so much going on that no one ever talks about these days.

There you have it. Looks like a bunch of random thoughts, but this is more or less representative; sometimes I'm more focused, others I'm more scattered.

So, if anyone reads this, what do you think about? The same types of things as me or radically different?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just finished my interview. I was in there for 50 min!? I think it was only supposed to be for about 30. I don't know if going over was good or bad; oh well.
I still wasn't nervous which is a little disconcerting. We'll see what happens. Dr. Klemsz was really nice, but I didn't get a feel for whether he liked me or not. I typically don't care about what people think of me, but when he's my advocate to the admissions board, it's kind of important.
Overall, this has been a good experience. It was quite informative with regard to the whole process.
Apparently Dr. J hasn't sent his letter of recommendation for me yet even though he told me he did when I talked to him a month ago. Thanks for pulling through, Dr. J.

-Jon Husen
Interview time!

IUSM Update

b I'm looking around and I've realized that I'm the ONLY ONE NOT WEARING A BLACK SUIT. Oh well, maybe It'll be a good distinguishing factor.

IUSM Med School Interview

I'm interviewing at the IU School of Medicine today. This could possibly be one of the biggest deals of my life thus far. I just finished the financial aid presentation, and I'm waiting until lunch, I guess.
Surprisingly, I'm not too nervous. That wil probably change in the interview, though. I've heard it's pretty laid back. Hopefully I'll set up a good raport with my interviewers.
I'll continue to post periodic updates throughout the day via my phone for anyone who might care.

-Jon Husen